Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carols and Carsickness

First of all, sorry that I have not written any new posts. I have been attacked with a barrage of tests, presentations, and projects. I will try to be more consistent, but it is sort of hard with school in the way... Moving on...
Since Halloween has come and gone, I have seen many Facebook profiles of people saying that they are busting out the long-awaited Christmas Music. I have also had the same desire but have since been completely turned off by it. Here is why: I get carsick easily. Anyone who knows me is thinking that this is just regular, old, can't-predict-what's-coming-out-of-his-mouth-next Brady (all those dashes took a long time to type). However, here is my logic. As far as I know, carsickness comes from conflicting sensory cues. If you are reading a book in a car, your sight tells you that you are merely enjoying a good read. However, all your other senses are telling your body that you are in motion and moving fast! I feel the same way about listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It sounds like Christmas, but it doesn't feel or look like it. My senses are conflicting and it just does not feel right, nor does carsickness. Besides, it is not time to celebrate a jolly old man, make wishes on burning logs, or make candy-filled punching bags in the image of the endangered, fluorescent, lop-sided donkey. Now is a time to remember the importance of college football, frosted windshields, overeating, and making ritualistic wishes over dead animals body parts (that may be a little graphic but I think it's a strange tradition and I can't go back and erase it because of my rules). Anyway, what I am really trying to say is this: although Wal-Mart has had it's christmas foliage displayed for the last 3 months and some quacks have already busted out their inflatable Santas... it is not yet time for Christmas. Besides, if you completely skip over Thanksgiving, the rest of us will have to label you as "ungrateful".