Monday, April 12, 2010

Mint Vanilla Toothpaste

So in my marketing class, we were assigned to come up with different taglines for new products. One of the products was a huge and satisfying boiler-cooked burger. My taglines ranged from "Even cows like the taste!" to "Ingest the Best!" I was having fun laughing at myself in the library while everyone else thought I finally had my break from reality. Another product that I was given was Mint Vanilla Toothpaste. I need to walk you through my train of thought here: What is tingly? Ah! When body parts fall asleep. Here's the tagline: "You know how you cut off the circulation in your arm and it falls asleep? Yeah, it's like that." For me, that's a good tagline. I can appreciate that one. What else is tingly? Sometimes it's tingly when I pee. Yeah. "It's like peeing... in your mouth!" I can see it now. Brooke Sheilds (or some other washed up actress) saying, "Mint Vanilla Toothpaste: It's like peeing in your mouth." I couldn't see that one going over too well with my professor. So I ended up with the tagline: "The Taste of Freshness Redefined." But my train of thought was pretty entertaining. Maybe I've just got peeing on the mind because of my twin nephews who peed in Easter Eggs and threw them at each other in the living room yesterday. If you're confused, feel free to look up Shelly Morris's Facebook page.