Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting Older By the Minute

I feel old. There are a couple reasons why I feel like I'm getting old. One reason is that it is 5 AM and I have been up for the past hour and half because of a spicy burrito that I ate at my company Christmas Party last night. I remember a time when I used to get so annoyed at those heartburn commercials showing people who cannot sleep. Actually, they still annoy me (a lot of commercials do), but at least I can sympathize now. Times were simpler then. You could give me a slab of cement and I could use my own knee as a pillow. I would be out like a fat girl playing dodgeball and sleep as though I had curled up on a cloud (which in real-life would probably end up being a very terrifying experience). My body is pretty crazy these days. If I make one wrong turn during the night, I might wake up in the morning feeling like I just did an 8 hour yoga session in a rock quarry. A new development this year is that my left hip and my right knee hurt when I am out in cold weather. That was quite a shock at the beginning of the season. I was almost positive that I would need a walker by the time I turned 32 (I came to that calculation through a mathematical logarithm I created... as a opposed to a non-mathematical logarithm). Since then, I have felt better and I continue to run and slide in the snow as I go to my car.
Considering that I not only signed up for, but also put $2,000 down on the bombardment of presentations, papers, projects, and cumulative finals that is the end of a semester, I had better go try to get some sleep.