Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movie Reviews

Let me just say this, I am conducting two separate research experiments. All my group members in both experiments are girls. What do we know about girls? They're perfectionists. It is true that I will probably end up getting a good grade, but it is also true that they are sucking out any of my free time to update my blog. Since I haven't had much time to think about anything else, I thought I would do some movie reviews.
Melissa and I watched 2 movies last weekend. First off, we saw "Julie and Julia". That was a great movie... if you want time to go by as slow as it does at work. The movie was really well done and Meryl Streep (spelling?) did an awesome job, but I could not believe many times I had to change positions or check the clock throughout that movie. I was expecting daylight to burst through our window at any time. Like I said, it was a good movie, but it felt long.
Next up is the Fantastic Mr. Fox. This movie could be summed up in one word... overrated. All I have heard are good things about this movie. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure I saw the same movie that all the critics were raving about. There were two distinct parts that made me laugh really hard, but other than that, I didn't take much from the film.
And last of all: A while ago, we went to go see Avatar. All I knew is that it was 10 years in the making and it was a James Cameron film. I was expecting it to be super-overrated. I could describe this movie in one sentence... I was surprised at how much I actually liked it. It was very entertaining. Not to mention that it looks amazing in 3D. I recommend this movie to anyone who will not read too much into political undertones and just like an entertaining, okay-plotted, well-acted movie. Sure there were some anti-Bush administration or pro Global Warming things that they threw at you, but it was very good overall. There you have it. My movie review. Take it for what it's worth. And if you do not agree with my reviews, at least we can agree on one thing... the word "ungulate" is not a very common word in everyday conversation.

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  1. My review of Mr.Fox.
    Mr.Fox was weird. And I like weird but not this time. I'm OK with random and the random moments were probably the best (the wolf). I didn't hate it but I really don't know that I ever want to watch it again. I liked grumpy underwear son. But it kinda felt like a slow, animated, Ocean's movie.

    Yes, my flowing patterns of speech are almost poetic. Try and contain your linguistic ecstasy.