Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fredette about it!

This was just too good to pass up. A girl wrote a letter to the editor (we all know how good those are) of the Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper). She complained about everyone "worshipping" Jimmer Fredette. This entire sentence is a link to her letter. BYU Fans everywhere responded by posting on her facebook page. Here is a link to the thread. Some people were a little sac-religious, but I think they were doing it to prove a point. This whole thing has been talked about by ESPN and CBS Sports. I think this will get some national attention. Oh, poor poor angry little girl...


  1. "this entire sentence is a link to the letter" LOL!! Ha ha, I don't care much for college basketball, but no reason to go around calling Jimmer idol worship :)

  2. This was really funny.

    Oh and Brady, it's time to post something new!