Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Hockey

So anyone who watched the Gold Medal Hockey Game between Canada and the USA, was biting their nails all the way to the end. They were both very good teams and it was a good match-up. I turned it on at the end of the second period. Canada was winning 2-1. It was a very intense game without a whole lot of power plays or fights. I was glad that the game was being played so cleanly. Then the third period rolled around. I was so nervous for the US Team. The had defeated the Canadian team earlier in the Olympics for the first time since the sixties (or something)! Canada has always had a very strong team and I wanted USA to win (because I'm biased). There were so many shots taken and so many blocked pucks. I told Melissa the Disney would be buying the rights to make a movie in 20 years. I could literal envision it: The economy is in shambles, the political front of the USA is falling apart, terror alerts are a way of life, and every American Dream rests on the fate of a widely watched hockey game. Then the USA finally scored with only seconds left in the game! It was freakishly awesome. So the Gold Medal Game between the two best teams in the world went into overtime. Very awesome! Then Canada came and made a point, finishing the sudden-death overtime period. So the USA lost, I was depressed, the economy is still struggling, and Obama is still in office. Sorry Disney, no blockbuster film here... Canada won.

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